Useful Infomation

Start on Hoan Kiem Lake -> Follow P. Dinh Tien Hoang to the Water Puppet Theatre -> P. Hang Dau (shoe shops) -> Cross P. Cau Go to P. Hang Be and continue to P. Hang Bac (jewellery shops) to House 102, which includes a fully functioning temple -> P. Ta Hien (popular for after-dark bars) -> Turn left on P. Hang Buom to the Bach Ma Temple -> Continue to O Quan Chuong (the well-preserved Old East Gate) -> Continue north on P. Thanh Ha to a street market -> Veer right to Dong Xuan Market -> turn left on P. Hang Ma (‘ghost money’ street) -> Follow ears to the blacksmiths near the corner of P. Lo Ren and P. Thuoc Bac -> Head south past P. Hang Thiec -> Continue left to P. Hang Quat (shops selling Buddhist altars) -> Head south past P. Luong Van Can (toy shops) -> Continue along P. Hang Gai (elegant silk shops) -> Head south on P. Ly Quoc Su to St Joseph Cathedral.

From around 7PM every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the streets running north from P. Hang Dao – P. Hang Ngang – P. Hang Duong, almost as far as Dong Xuan Market, are closed to traffic and vendors set up stalls selling all kinds of trinkets at the Weekend Night Market. Here you can buy all sort of local delights, souvenirs, clothes and try some Vietnamese street food.

Going to visit Old Quarter at the night time! Stop off at the Beer Corner (Bia Hoi Corner) for a glass of cheap and delicious local beer. Every night, hundreds of locals and tourists go to the Old Quarter outdoor bars to sit on stools and enjoy their cold beverages.